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The Curendis Mission Statement

How do we heal people of acute pain and chronic physical ailments? How do we restore the simple joy of living a healthy, happy life for our patients? The solutions to those questions are what drive us. With roots in chiropractic treatment and sports and pain medicine, we’re currently expanding our expertise into other fields, such as pain management therapy, radiology, breast cancer (oncology), and back recovery.

We do this unpretentiously because we’re not out to change the world on our own. But, at the same time, we’re ambitious. We are convinced that with every modest contribution we make, we make a difference.


By offering science-based recommendations and solutions. By embracing innovation. By not thinking in boxes but believing in the richness of cross-pollination and multidisciplinary partnerships. By building bridges – also digitally – with other specialists. By empathetically focusing on each patient’s account holistically. By putting the patient’s interests and comfort first – above all.

Nobody visits us for fun. But we try to make it as pleasant as possible for everyone. We treat every patient the same way we would ourselves or a loved one.

With that in mind, it’s important to understand how we perceive the concept of innovation. Innovation doesn’t stop with technology. Curendis is about an innovative mindset with a single goal in mind – to provide the best possible personalised care.

We make that happen by working completely objectively and independently. That allows us to make rapid, targeted investments in new solutions.

We keep an open mind and don’t have a rigid hierarchy. Here’s an example… Does it benefit the patient to jointly consult a surgeon, radiologist, and chiropractor? Will it improve our diagnosis and treatment and save us time? Then that’s exactly what we’ll do, right? We listen to each other as equal partners, each speaking from their field of expertise, not from a top-down structure. Our starting point? The more pain we relieve our patients of, the better.

At the same time, you’ll never hear us claim to be miracle workers. Do we offer hope and perspective? Definitely. False promises? Absolutely not. Science requires humility; there’s no way around it. If we think that something won’t work, then we say so. Our patients find this transparency, honesty, and openness refreshing.

After all, why shouldn’t innovative science and customer friendliness go hand in hand? Anyone who wants to be a part of the Curendis team must be professional and service-minded. There’s no room for big egos here. Our patient-first attitude starts as soon as you step inside. Look around, compare what you see with the average waiting room, and you’ll instantly notice the difference. You can feel it. You’re not a number here; you’re welcome. And that remains true at every stage of treatment and into follow-up.

Medically innovative, scientifically sound, and yet caring, warm, and empathetic – that’s what we stand for, and that’s our future. We’re convinced that this is the path healthcare and medicine must travel. Instead of looking at a technical procedure for a medical issue as the destination, we see it as a starting point. Ultimately, making people’s lives better is what it’s all about. So many patients show up at Curendis at the end of their rope, gloomy and heavy-hearted. But one day, after successful treatment, they’ll walk out feeling leaps and bounds better. They’ll come away with a more positive self-image, better mental and physical health, and ready for a new phase in life … You’ve got to admit; it doesn’t get better than that, right?