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Mammography + solutions (equipment)

Belgium has 11,000 new cases a year. This depressing figure makes breast cancer the most common cancer among women. And that’s why Curendis is committed to early screening and diagnosis. The sooner we detect cancer, the better your likelihood of a full recovery.

Here, the characteristic innovative Curendis approach mainly centres on technology. Our newest piece of equipment takes mammography (breast X-rays) to the next level. This device relies on state-of-the-art technology, i.e. digital tomosynthesis. The 3D images of the breast it produces enable our radiologist to zoom in on a detailed 1 mm cross-section of the breast. The outcome is even better, more accurate screening of potential damage.

Compared to conventional mammography, this technique has two additional advantages:

  • no higher radiation dose
  • decreased breast and rib pain during the examination

Talk to our pain management physician about our treatments and approach during an initial confidential consultation. Give us a call in advance if you aren’t sure which team member you should schedule a consultation with for your specific complaint.